Recycled Polyamide

Recycled Polyamide
Recycled Polyamide

Polyamide is a synthetic nylon fiber, produced from crude oil or renewable plant-based oils. It creates an extraordinarily strong and versatile fabric. In turn, recycled polyamide can be derived from both post-industrial or post-consumer feed stock. In our collection we use a mix of both.

For recycled polyamide fibers, post-consumer waste is our first choice, since we want to help recycling on a global scale any way we can. Post-consumer waste used for recycled polyamide includes discarded industrial fishing nets, old carpets and rigid textiles. Reusing oil based raw materials in a responsible manner is in our mind an important step in the right direction.

Recycling polyamide adds another layer of complexity to the production process, but the result is a reliable, long-lasting fabric that can be used for both lightweight and quick-drying, and wind and rain proof fabrics, depending on the thickness. Using material that otherwise would become waste saves both energy and resources.

We were the first outdoor company ever to use recycled polyamide across our entire backpack line in 2009.

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Recycled Polyamide

Selected equipment with Recycled Polyamide

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